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What is a Pregnancy Calendar?

A 10 Month Special timeline the pregnant mom fills in to countdown to her baby's birth-day.

Inside the Pregnancy Calendar:

It's a  Countdown Calendar, Devotional, Journal, and Keepsake.

* Each month Scripture describes one attribute of God to focus on.
* Monthly devotional with suggested Scripture meditations.
* Advice for Mom at each developmental stage of pregnancy.
* Know, and specifically pray for, what is happening with baby every week.
* Interactive places for personalized devotions, thoughts and pictures.
* Birthing Checklist for Hospital and Home Birth
* Labor  Ideas and Breastfeeding Tips
* Baby Announcement
* Plus, 108 memory stickers (some blank for Mom to fill-in) to bring importance to "firsts," and note to special days and times
* Over due section.

What do the stickers say?

Calender Overview
God is My -
  • Creator
  • Comforter
  • Provider
  • Fortress
  • King
  • Salvation
  • Song
  • Helper
  • Strength
  • Deliverer

108 stickers include some of the following notes:
"I knew I was pregnant," "We told grandparents," "First queasy feeling," "I love you, already," "First kick", "I praise God for your life," "First time I wore maternity outfit,  "Dr./Midwife apt,." "I am praying for you," "Your clothes are washed," "I am ready," and more.
You can also write your own for even more personalization.
Use the Stickers to highlight important days and events.

How do I use it? 

There are two ways to write in your dates:

Start from first page - If you know the first day of your last menstrual cycle, put that number in the top left corner of the First Month and count forward from there. Or,

Start on last page - If you are unsure of when your last menstrual cycle was, then put your due date in the bottom right corner of the last day of the Tenth Month and count backwards.

A Great Gift!

  • A valuable memory keepsake for the expectant mom with a focus on God.
  • Say 'Congratulations on your pregnancy' to the new mom.
  • An interactive calendar destined to be loved and treasured by both mom and her child for years to come.
  • Devotional and journal to record special events and memories along the way.

Get this useful gift for the mom who wants to remember this special season of mom & baby bonding before birth.

Glossy Cover edition. Beautifully illustrated. 28 pages.

Calendar Keepsake

Only $ 19.95