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The Morning Sickness Handbook -  100+ Remedies, Strategies, Encouragement.

We know the basics. Most of what we can do to prevent nausea are easy tips, like getting a certain amount of rest, using lemons, and staying hydrated. But, other things are not so easy. For example, did you know that when you drink water that it's best to take small amounts slowly over a period of time, rather than larger gulps all at once? Or, that the essential oil lemongrass can be more powerful than a real lemon when using it to overcome the nausea feeling? Did you know the ways to stay hydrated without actually drinking? Have you tried all the nausea distractions?

You are probably tired of feeling queasy. And, most likely, you haven't been able to find anything that really works to reduce your discomfort. Are you ready for true help?

Blessing Your Baby - An entertaining and loving book on how you can bless your baby through Touching, Music, Speaking, Attitudes, Food and Exercise.

Did you know your preborn baby knows when you touch him/her? Do you know what kind of music helps baby develop better? And why? Have you ever thought about the environment you are creating with your words? Does stress really affect your baby? How? Learn what your baby thinks of common food choices. Exercise not only benefits you, it benefits your baby, too, in 8 positive ways - do you know what they are? Read beautiful affirmations that you can speak to your baby. A fun and fact-filled book!

Tried & True Remedies, Resources and Wisdom.

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Blessing Your Baby - Softcover.