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Affiliate Program

Earn Money Helping Others

Do you want to make money referring people to my site? With my affiliate program you can do just that!

I am selling one of the ONLY honest-to-goodness best morning sickness product on the net right now. This is a market that will most certainly attract some of the highest conversions around thanks to its pregnancy health nature. And all you have to do, to make more money than me, is to promote it to people that need this helpful information.

Here's How My Affiliate Program Works

My affiliate program is managed by ClickBank, the world's largest and most reliable internet product payment processor.
Through their service I will pay you 50% commission for every sale your refer through my site. The Morning Sickness e-book package currently sells for $12.95. Prices subject to change without notice. However your commission always remains at 50%.

So for every visitor you bring to my site that buys the product, based on a sales price of 12.95, you earn $7.48 (less Clickbank administration costs). So, are you starting to see how profitable this can be for you?

Sales per day 1 day 1 week 1 month 1 year
1 $6.64 $45.32 $199.20 $2,423.60
5 $33.20 $232.40 $996.00 $12,118.00
10 $66.40 $464.80 $1,192.00 $24,236.00

Most internet marketers would laugh at these numbers, because they make so many MORE sales every day. But in case you are new to internet marketing, I wanted to help put these numbers in perspective for you. I have no doubt that many affiliates will make even more than the above scenarios suggest.

I want to see you succeed. You win, I win, and the person who is getting all my information wins! It's that simple.
ClickBank independently tracks all sales and issues commission checks every 2 weeks, with rock solid dependability.
Joining my affiliate program takes only a couple of minutes.
You can join my affiliate program right now by clicking the link below:

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